Top 21 Most Played Songs on Jim & Sherry’s ITunes, IPods, IPhones, etc 2013

1 When I’m President Ian Hunter When I’m President
2 Follow Your Arrow Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park
3 This is Our Time Willie Nile American Ride
4 Get In Line Ron Sexsmith Long Player Late Bloomer
5 Faith and Gasoline Hilary Claire Adamson
6 Silver Lining Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park
7 Tried So Hard Jon Emery Sings the Songs of Gene Clark
8 Long Emotional Ride Graham Parker Three Chords Good
9 Late Bloomer Ron Sexsmith Long Player Late Bloomer
10 Wasted and Rollin Amanda Shires Down Fell the Doves
11 One Guitar V2.0 Willie Nile American Ride
12 Changing Heart Jon Emery Sings the Songs of Gene Clark
13 Paint It, Black The Coal Porters Find The One
14 Wrote a Song For Everyone John Fogerty; Miranda Lambert Wrote a Song for Everyone
15 As The Story Goes Craig Marshall Hiding In The Doorway
16 A Long Way From Home The Kinks Lola vs Powerman
17 Its Gonna Be Alright Gerry and the Pacemakers
18 Tell Me What’s Wrong Ron Flynt Tell Me What’s Wrong – Single
19 Hold On The Biters All Chewed Up
20 Poor Man John Wort Hannam Toronto Bound
21 Company of Friends Danny Schmidt Little Grey Sheep

Your questions preemptively answered:

1. Why 21 songs? Fits on one CD

2. Gerry and the Pacemakers? I’ll bet you didn’t know they could rock this hard. Or maybe even rock. We sure didn’t.

3. Since you use shuffle play so much, why does this list matter? These are the songs that we went to again and again, maybe to play for each other, maybe to play for friends, maybe to put in our current “top 40 or so” playlist to listen. The list of bands played reflects our shuffle listening, but the songs and albums almost always reflect what’s new (to us).

4. Who are the Biters?  We have no idea. Found both them and the Gerry & the Pacemaker’s tune through Tom Petty’s radio show on satellite radio.

5. Why is that great Ron Flynt single at the bottom of the charts? Give us a break, it didn’t come out until November.

6. Isn’t Kacey  Musgraves, like, popular? Yes, she is, giving hope to popular song. Here at WJIM (or WSBP, depending on the time of day), we don’t play a song because it’s popular or not popular (how would we even know?) but because we think it’s a good song.



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