Liner Notes and Credits for The Hard Part of Flying

The Hard Part of Flying

Produced by Ron Flynt
Recorded and Mixed by Ron Flynt at Jumping Dog Studios, Austin TX
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc, Austin TX
Cover photo: Jenny Eskey back cover photo: Ania Cronin  design: Matt Eskey

Jim Patton: vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Sherry Brokus: vocals, percussion
Ron Flynt: bass, piano, keyboards, acoustic rhythm guitar, harmonies, percussion, accordion
Warren Hood: fiddle
Rich Brotherton: acoustic lead guitar, mandolin, cittern, dobro, classical guitar
Marvin Dykhuis: acoustic lead guitar, 12-string guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, dobro
John Bush: Gong Bops Percussion on Tracks 6,8,10
Mary Cutrufello: acoustic lead guitar on Tracks 8, 10
Scrappy Jud Newcomb: classical guitar on Track 6
Julie Carter: cello on Track 8

1. My Hometown’s Not My Hometown Anymore (Patton-Talmadge)
2. Learning to Fall (Patton-Brooks)
3. How Did We Come to This? (Patton-Talmadge)
4. When I Was The King (Patton-Talmadge)
5. Ghosts in This Room Tonight (Jim Patton)
6. Drunk in Baltimore (Patton-Himes)
7. She Doesn’t Love Him Anymore (Patton-Talmadge)
8. Doin’ Time (Patton-Talmadge)
9. I’m Not Singing For You (Jim Patton)
10. Down at the Anchor Inn (Jim Patton)
11. Still Got a Little Wild in Me (Patton-Brooks)

tracks 1,3,4,7, and 8 © Independent Alligator Pub. Co. (ASCAP) and Tot Ziens Music (BMI)
tracks 2 and 11 © Independent Alligator Pub. Co. (ASCAP) and Casa del Frog Music (BMI)
track 6 © Independent Alligator Pub. Co. (ASCAP) and Red Wheelbarrow Music (BMI)
tracks 5, 9 and 10 © Independent Alligator Pub. Co. (ASCAP)

This record is for those of you who paid for it, mostly through pre-ordering this CD. You are great and generous friends. Thank you for being in our life.

Special Thanks to Jeff Talmadge, who again played the role of Maxwell Perkins in the birthing of the CD.

Spiritual Adviser: R. Gene Munger

Jim & Sherry would like to thank: everyone who pre-ordered this CD, everyone who played on the record, played in the band, recorded us, promoted us, gave us airplay, loaned us money, came to the shows, listened to the songs, bought our records, took pictures of us, put us up for the night, or otherwise helped us on our way. You are too numerous to mention individually, too important not to mention at all.

Above and Beyond: John Cronin, Steve Brooks, Stuart Adamson, John & Candy Harsany, The Kalinecs, Alan Oresky, Austin & Connie, Carole Moody, Lee (Daktari) Cadorette, Stephen Taylor, Freddie Wilson, Dana McBride, Danny & Rene’, Mark & Susan, Michael Fracasso, Young & Rusty, Jenny Reynolds, Jean Synodinos, David Halley, Jeff Tveraas, Bill McNeal, Diane Tubb, Jean Leigh, Andy & Katie, Ellie Volk Patton, Ed Reynolds, Brian Cahalan, Roger & Cash, John & DL, Kate Whitaker, Don Cunningham, Fran Borland Hutchison, Greg Merhige, Karen Frigon, Kevin Elliott, Linda Morris, Scott Osborne, Sue Ann Kendall, Susan Davidson, Marian Henderson, Walt Konetzka, Heidi Allen, Allen Flinchum and the incredible music community of Austin TX.

© and (P) 2016 Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, all rights reserved
Berkalin Records BRK-10022