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Top Played Songs on Jim & Sherry’s Jukebox 2006-2010


Top 20 2006
1 Damaged Goods Scrappy Jud Newcomb
2 Crashboombang The Ginn Sisters
3 Waves Sam Baker
4 Waiting Ron Flynt
5 Wrong Foot Michael Fracasso
6 I Don’t Feel That Way Jon Dee Graham
7 By Eleven Caitlin Cary
8 If I Needed Someone Roger McGuinn
9 What’s So Funny About Peace, Love, & Understanding Steve Earle
10 I Ain’t Got Nothin’ The New York Dolls
11 Down to My Soul Paul Kelly
12 Things We Said Today The Beatles
13 Something Wonderful Jon Dee Graham
14 Howlin’ Down the Cumberland John Hiatt
15 Every Day I Have to Cry Some Arthur Alexander
16 Fisherman Leo Kottke
17 Soul of Constant Sorrow Patty Loveless
18 Midnight Moonlight Jerry Garcia Band
19 Lie To Myself David Glaser
20 Still Got My Faith Graham Parker
Top 21 2007
1 Like A Wheel Little Pink/Mary Battiata
2 Star Motel Charlie Roth
3 Wrecking Ball John Wort Hannam
4 1962 Michael Fracasso
5 I Knew It All Bill Wence
6 Rocking Horse Little Pink/Mary Battiata
7 You Tore Me Down Sid Griffin
8 Old Rock And Roller Bill Wence
9 The Rest Is History Graham Parker
10 Read ’em ‘n’ Weep Ian Hunter
11 You Won’t Talk About Love Charlie Roth
12 Stolen Flowers Little Pink/Mary Battiata
13 Cloudy Head Cindy Woolf
14 Need You Now Gurf Morlix
15 Soul of America Ian Hunter
16 White Cross Jeff Talmadge
17 Infantryman John Wort Hannam
18 I Hate Christmas Jon Dee Graham
19 You’re Just Drunk Matt Harlan
20 because Ron Flynt
21 Picasso’s Mom (live a cappella) Paul Sanchez
Top 20 2008
1 Always Tomorrow Elizabeth Cook
2 Gonna Be Elizabeth Cook
3 Goin Down De Ocean David A. Alberding
4 Down Girl Elizabeth Cook
5 Losing It Elliott Murphy
6 Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman Elizabeth Cook
7 The Mountain Levon Helm
8 Longest Days John Mellencamp
9 Wide River To Cross Levon Helm
10 Let’s Take Some Drugs and Drive Around The Silos
11 All Along the Watchtower Tom Landa & the Paperboys
12 Fingerprints Joe Grushecky
13 Pretty World Sam Baker
14 The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over Javier Escovedo
15 Carl Perkins’ Cadillac Drive-By Truckers
16 Heart Breaks Like the Dawn Chuck Prophet
17 Nothing But the Wheel Peter Wolf
18 The Other Side Of The Reservoir Graham Parker
19 The Last Star Of The Night Elliott Murphy
20 I Will Not Let My Spirit Fall Joe Grushecky
Top 20 2009
1 Sunny Day Mary Cutrufello
2 All Good Things Jackson Browne
3 Rock and Roll Jerry Lee Lewis
4 Run Willie Nile
5 Lonesome Whistle BettySoo
6 My Stunning Mystery Companion Jackson Browne
7 American Rain Mary Cutrufello
8 (I’ll Still) Love You Forever Mary Cutrufello
9 God Bless This Mess Sheryl Crow
10 Good Rock From Bad Tim Carroll
11 The Midnight Rose Willie Nile
12 Dreamers Walk Alone Mary Cutrufello
13 Elizabethtown Matt Harlan
14 Things We Said Today The Beatles
15 I Still Believe In Love Jon T Howard
16 House Of A Thousand Guitars Willie Nile
17 Still Small Voice BettySoo
18 Casey, Illinois Bill Morrissey
19 Nothing To Lose Effron White
20 Down To Faith Byrd and Street
Top 21 2010
1 Broken Things K.C. Clifford
2 Broken Dirk Hamilton
3 Songbird K.C. Clifford
4 Another Million Michael Fracasso
5 A Momentary Thing Jaime Michaels
6 Freedom Rex Foster
7 Working Class Hero Michael Fracasso
8 Generous Friends K.C. Clifford
9 Tore Up John Lilly
10 Windmill Hills Dirk Hamilton
11 Driving To Blissville (live) Jeff Talmadge
12 Nothing To Lose Effron White
13 Elizabethtown Matt Harlan
14 One Spectacular Moon Jaime Michaels
15 (I’ll Still) Love You Forever Mary Cutrufello
16 Beautifully Broken Jon Dee Graham & The Fighting Cocks
17 California Beach Boy The Dollyrots
18 Still Small Voice BettySoo
19 For No One The Beatles
20 Aint That Just Like a Woman Chuck Berry
21 A Soldier’s Christmas Jeff Talmadge


TOP 20 Most Played Songs, TOP 10 CDs, TOP 30 Most Played Artists on Jim & Sherry’s Jukebox 2011

Your questions preemptively answered:
1. q. Why 20 songs? a. Fits on one CD.
2. q. I’m an artist on your playlist. Where are my royalties? a. You have our heartfelt thanks.
3. q. How do you know these were last year’s most played songs? a. ITunes does all the work for us. It’s a play count, not an arbitrary favorites list.  We added up my office ITunes (13000 songs and counting), my IPhone, Sherry’s IPhone, our netbook, and our living room Jukebox (with our 3000 favorite songs and another 700 or so worthy of consideration). These are the songs we played the most.
4. q. It’s almost the middle of 2012, why is this so late? a. As you can see, some of us are inconsistent bloggers.
5. q. What’s 2012 look like? a. John Lilly’s Cold Comfort has pretty much dominated the airwaves at Jim & Sherry’s so far but real good albums like Rj Cowdery’s In This Light and Brian Kalinec’s The Fence  have gotten a lot of play too. Not to mention Bill Wence’s Analog Man in a Digital World, which we would have loved even if it didn’t have Fortunate Man on it. And while we always knew Paul Edward Sanchez was a good songwriter, a conversation with Jeff Talmadge in upstate New York convinced us that he was a great one, and we’ve been studying his collected works ever since.
 6. q. Why is there only one song from Michael Fracasso’s great Saint Monday on your list. a. Because we had an advance copy in the Fall of 2010, which meant his play was split over two years.
If you don’t have any of these incredible songs or CDs, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction. Obviously we can listen them over and over.
song artist album
1 Fireworks The Fabulous Ginn Sisters You Can’t Take A Bad Girl Home
2 eyes front Jaime Michaels the man with the time machine
3 haunted Jaime Michaels the man with the time machine
4 Hey Doll The Fabulous Ginn Sisters You Can’t Take A Bad Girl Home
5 Dreams The Fabulous Ginn Sisters You Can’t Take A Bad Girl Home
6 Driving To Blissville Jeff Talmadge Ein Abend Unter Freunden
7 Bad Connection Jules Shear Dreams Don’t Count
8 (I’ll Still) Love You Forever Mary Cutrufello 35
9 California Eric Hisaw Ghost Stories
10 Used To It Jules Shear Dreams Don’t Count
11 Black Rose Of Texas Dave Alvin Eleven Eleven
12 Ghost Stories Eric Hisaw Ghost Stories
13 Lie To Me BettySoo Across the Borderline: Lie To Me
14 It’ll Sure Be Cold Tonight Jeff Talmadge Kind Of Everything
15 Don’t Live There Anymore Eric Hisaw Ghost Stories
16 Dreams Don’t Count Jules Shear Dreams Don’t Count
17 Gary, Indiana 1959 Dave Alvin Eleven Eleven
18 High Atmosphere Diana Jones High Atmosphere
19 The Time of Your Life Little Steven Nine Months
20 Eloise Michael Fracasso Saint Monday

 Our Top 10 Most Played CDs of 2011:
album artist
1 You Can’t Take A Bad Girl Home The Fabulous Ginn Sisters
2 Ein Abend Unter Freunden Jeff Talmadge
3 the man with the time machine Jaime Michaels
4 Dreams Don’t Count Jules Shear
5 Ghost Stories Eric Hisaw
6 Mr. Lucky Chris Isaak
7 Eleven Eleven Dave Alvin
8 Saint Monday Michael Fracasso
9 Live At The Blue Door John Fullbright
10 Gladly Would We Anchor Little Pink;Mary Battiata

Our Top 30 Most Played Artists of 2011:
1 The Beatles
2 Neil Young
3 Bruce Springsteen
4 Bob Dylan
5 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
6 The Fabulous Ginn Sisters
7 Michael Fracasso
8 The Rolling Stones
9 Chris Isaak
10 Jules Shear
11 Eric Hisaw
12 Jon Dee Graham
13 Mary Cutrufello
14 The Who
15 The Byrds
16 Van Morrison
17 Dave Alvin
18 Little Pink;Mary Battiata
19 Ron Flynt
20 Elliott Murphy
21 Matt Harlan
22 Ian Hunter
23 John Hiatt
24 Paul Kelly
25 Chuck Berry
26 John Wort Hannam
27 Warren Zevon
28 James McMurtry
29 K.C. Clifford
30 BettySoo

my current favorite songwriters, pt 2

1. James McMurtry: Stephen King says James is the best songwriter in America, and I wouldn’t argue with him. McMurtry writes about small towns, moving on, drawbridge mentalities, and some characters who are just plain mean. All are a little ‘off plumb’. I grew up in the suburbs, but everything about Levelland is familiar to me, from the marching band playing Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” to the changes central air and cable tv bring to a town and community, to the drive to get away. Personal favorites for your IPod: Levelland, Where’s Johnny, Childish Things, Just Us Kids, Out Here in the Middle (Live), We Can’t Make It Here Anymore, and No More Buffalo (live), But I could list 20 more songs as easily with no dropoff in quality. He’s never made a bad album, though Where’d You Hide the Body, Childish Things, and Live in ‘Aught Three particularly stand out to me.

2. Dave Alvin: Dave wrote songs for his brother Phil to sing in the Blasters, but on his own has developed his own sound that combines blues, rock, folk, country, and his voice has progressed into a warm, convincing vehicle for his hard luck stories. I probably like King of California best of his CDs, but they’re all good, including his latest, Eleven Eleven, which not only rocks harder, but contains a beautiful song for the late Amy Farris, who was the first person we recorded with in Austin. Personal favorites: California Snow, Ashgrove, From a Kitchen Table, Dry River, Bus Station, Black Rose of Texas.   Also, X’s version of Dave’s 4th of July, as well as anything by the Blasters.

3. Paul Kelly is from Australia, has 20+ albums filled with great radio ready songs, and is so eclectic that a friend (say, Geoffrey Himes) and I might love the same album and have totally different songs as favorites. Listen to the songs Deeper Water, When I First Met Your Ma, and Dumb Things, and if you don’t think they’re three of the best songs ever written, well you’re definitely reading the wrong blog. Deeper Water, Under the Sun, and his bluegrass album Foggy Highway are the CDs I go to the most, but even my least favorites of his have three or four songs that are just great.

4. Elizabeth CookHer Rodney Crowell produced Balls (as in “it takes balls to be a woman”) album was Sherry’s and my most played CD of 2008 and sounds like a modern day Loretta or Dolly without the Countrypolitan excess. And she covers the Velvet Underground and makes it fit. Just a gorgeous record. But her next album, Welder, while a less immediately likable album, is an artistic step forward as a songwriter, especially the brilliant Heroin Addict Sister.  Additional songs to download: Always Tomorrow (written by her husband Tim Carroll and our most played song of 2009), Balls, Down Girl, Gonna Be.  

5. Sam Baker:    Sam is a poet and all three of his albums are beautiful. Sam sings in a cracked voice, and plays lefthanded because of injuries suffered in the incident that is the basis for his first record, but every simple note is perfect. When I first played his first CD, Mercy (as in “everyone’s at the mercy of another one’s dream”), it took me an hour to get past the first song and onto song two. He writes about what happens when one half of a couple together for 50 years dies, about what happens when an accident tears your life apart, about a single Mom breaking down at a Wendy’s in Waco, about the inability to forget a loss 15 years later. I like Mercy best of his albums, but Pretty World runs a close second, and if Cotton was the only album I had of his, it would still be one of my favorite records. Except for the incredible Waves, I think of the albums as a piece (beautiful production from Tim Lorsch and Walt Wilkens) and rarely think of the songs individually, but check out Thursday, Pretty World, Sweetly Undone, or Broken Fingers if you want to hear what he sounds like. Not for everyone, but right up Jim & Sherry’s alley.