Liner Notes for “Collection 2008-2018”

produced by Ron Flynt
recorded at Jumping Dog Studios, Austin TX
mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio Inc., Austin TX
cover by Matt Eskey cover photo by Jenny Eskey Back Photo by Pam Kalinec
spiritual adviser: R. Gene Munger

Jim & Sherry would like to thank: everyone who pre-ordered the CD, everyone who played on the record, played in the band, recorded us, promoted us, gave us airplay, loaned us money, came to the shows, listened to the songs, bought our records, put us up for the night, or otherwise helped us on our way. You are too numerous to mention individually, too important not to mention at all.

Special thanks to: John & Candy Harsany, Freddie Wilson, Jeff Talmadge, Steve Brooks, Heidi Allen, Leslie Nunnally Christopher, Jennifer Dunne, Kevin Elliott, Blake Fetrow, Karen Taylor Frigon, Bob & Annette Jones, Deborah Jones Krisko, Carol Martino Jones, Scott Osborne, Karen Royer, Helene & Jerry Schaefer, Sue Ann Kendall, Allen Flinchum, Renae Brokus, Don Cunningham, Susan Davidson, Fran Hutchison, Walt Konetzka, Greg Merhige, Linda Morris, Stephen Taylor, Ellen Volk Patton, Brian & Pam Kalinec, Janet Van Sickler, Joe & Bev Angel, Janet Wilson, Heidi and Rob Szrom, Marian Henderson, Bettysoo, Michael Fracasso, Don Farrell, Christina Van Norman & David Coe, Andy & Katie Borland, Jean Leigh, John Cronin, Jenny Reynolds, Alan Oresky, Willem Elsevier, Stuart Adamson, Charlie Stewart, Greg & Sarah Bontempo, Brian & Sarah-Jun Cahalan, John & DL Conquest, Lee Cadorette (Daktari), Rene’ Britt, Roger & Cash, Mary Battiata, Ron Baker, Diane Tubb, Ed Reynolds, Jean Spivey, Arty Hill, Lisa Fancher, Matt Harlan, Larry Jackson, Pat Trent

1 I Never Give Up 3:10 (Jim Patton)
2 Old County Rd 2:15 (Jim Patton)
3 On the Day I Leave This World 4:03 (Jim Patton)
4 Rebels Without Applause 3:01 (Jim Patton)
5 Don’t Say Goodbye 2:56 (Jim Patton-Frank Mirenzi)
6 I’m Not Singing For You 2:10 (Jim Patton)
7 27 Voices 2:51 (Jim Patton)
8 Ghosts in This Room Tonight 3:05 (Jim Patton)
9 Hole in His Heart (demo) 2:37 (Jim Patton-Frank Mirenzi)
10 My Hometown’s Not My Hometown Anymore 3:06 (Jim Patton-Jeff Talmadge)
11 Learning to Fall 2:36 (Jim Patton-Steve Brooks)
12 I Turn To You 3:14 (Jim Patton-Frank Mirenzi)
13 (Ballad of the) Oxbow Inn 4:13 (Jim Patton)
14 Aliceanna St 4:06 (Jim Patton-Frank Mirenzi-Geoffrey Himes-Billy Kemp)
15 Mystery Ride (Nick) (unreleased) 4:35 (Jim Patton)
16 Drown 3:47 (Jim Patton-Jeff Talmadge)
17 Fortunate Man 3:09 (Jim Patton)
18 After the Dance 2:42 (Jim Patton-Sherry Brokus)

all songs © Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP) except: 14 © Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP) -Red Wheelbarrow Music BMI- Willbilly Music (BMI ) 10 & 16 © Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP)/Totzien Music (BMI)
11 Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP) /Casa Del Frog Music (BMI)

Jim Patton: vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Sherry Brokus: vocals, percussion
Ron Flynt: bass, piano, keyboards, acoustic rhythm guitar, harmonies, percussion, accordion
Warren Hood: fiddle
Rich Brotherton: acoustic lead guitar, mandolin, cittern, dobro, classical guitar
Marvin Dykhuis: acoustic lead guitar, 12-string guitar, classical guitar, mandolin, dobro
John Bush: Gong Bops Percussion
Mary Cutrufello: acoustic lead guitar
Scrappy Jud Newcomb: acoustic lead guitar, classical guitar, resonator
Julie Carter: cello