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Top 10 most played CDs on Jim & Sherry’s ITunes/IPhones/IPods 2014

1 The Belle Sounds The Belle Sounds
2 Gene Clark Here Tonight: The White Light Demos
3 Bob Dylan Basement Tapes Sampler
4 John Fullbright Songs
5 The Byrds The Byrds [BOX SET] [Disc 1]
6 Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield Box Set
7 Garland Jeffreys Wild In The Streets (Best Of 1977-1983)
8 Jimmy LaFave Trail 2
9 Paul Kelly Spring and Fall
10 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Playback

The Belle Sounds new CD plus their newer EP dominated our listening through 2014: gorgeous, shimmering pop music. Gene Clark’s CD was released a couple of years ago, I think, and is a collection of demos for his great White Light album from the early 70s. John Fullbright is hard to categorize, except as great young songwriter. The Garland Jeffreys CD was gifted to us by Eddie Walker, who wrote “Ordinary Life” on our The Great Unknown CD. Jimmy Lafave’s Trail CDs are his version of the Bootleg Series.


The Belle Sounds
The Belle Sounds