Great Unknown Liner note Credits

All songs written by Jim Patton (© 2013 Independent Alligator Publishing Co., ASCAP)except: “Drown” (Jim Patton-Sherry Brokus-Jeff Talmadge)(©2013 Independent Alligator Publishing Co., ASCAP and Tot Ziens Music, BMI) , “Ordinary Life” (Eddie Walker) (© 1995 Unorthodox Music, BMI), and “After the Dance” (Jim Patton-Sherry Brokus) (© 2013 Independent Alligator Publishing Co., ASCAP)


Design and front cover photo by Matt Eskey, back cover photo by Jeff Tveraas.


For Ellen Volk Patton


In memory of Tim Henderson, Mike Watters, and Dick Walker. Your presence is all through this record, as well as our lives.


special thanks to Jeff Talmadge, who played the role of Maxwell Perkins in the birthing of the CD.


Jim & Sherry would like to thank: everyone who played on the record, played in the band, recorded us, promoted us, gave us airplay, loaned us money, came to the shows, listened to the songs, bought our records, put us up for the night, or otherwise helped us on our way. You are too numerous to mention individually, too important not to mention at all.


the rest of the band: Rich Brotherton, John Cronin, Alan Oresky, Stuart & Hilary Adamson, Richard Dobyns, Beth Galiger, Richard Bowden, Doug “E” Rees, Jeff Tveraas, David Glaser, Bruce Balmer, John Fullbright, Doug Cox, Bettysoo (vocals and accordion)


Above and Beyond: Michael Fracasso, Cash & Roger, John & Candy, Bill Wence, Erik Balkey, Vanessa Lively, Andy & Katie, 49 West, John & DL, Joe & Bev, Marilyn & Bill Duncan, Brian & Pam, Charlie Stewart, Austin & Connie, Janet van Sickler, Danny & Rene’, Lee Cadorette, Freddie Wilson, Greg Gaughan, Don Cunningham, Dana & Graham & Chase, Kate Whitaker, Carole Moody, Kamp Kantigree, our gang at our Folk Alliance and not/SXSW Third Coast Music shows, and the incredible music community of Austin, TX.


Spiritual adviser: R. Gene Munger. Thanks to Sid Griffin for the loan of the title “Rebels Without Applause”.John Bush plays Gon Bops congas & percussion


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