Contributors to “The Great Unknown”

Thanks to the following generous friends for making “The Great Unknown” possible:

Heidi Allen, Ron Baker, Jane Coonce, Donald Cunningham, Jennifer Dunne, Kevin Elliott,Lisa Fancher, Michael Fracasso (Little Fuji Records), Katie Gosnell, Matt Harlan, Paula Held, Frances Hutchison, Carol Jones, Brian & Pam Kalinec, David & Maggie Lees, Ellen Volk Patton, Debbie Rothschild, Judi Sawyer, Heidi Szrom, Laura Thomas, Janet Van Sickler, Aimee Wiest, Janet Wilson, and several who preferred to remain anonymous.

We are forever grateful for your faith in us and your help in getting our music out into the world.

Jim & Sherry

***if you think your name should appear above and doesn’t, contact us. Several possibilities come to mind, including, a) we screwed up, or b) you contributed when we were with Kickstarter in which case that money never left your account. Let us know if we left you off, though, I can promise you it was an oversight, and if you were a Kickstarter contributor, we’re still looking for help for promotional money.


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