Friend/Fan Fundraising



 With the “donate” button above, you can:

1. Buy any of our CDs, $15 apiece, 2 for $25, shipping and handling included. Just specify in the message box which CDs you want.

2. Contribute to our next recording.

Thanks to you guys we raised $6703 towards our The Hard Part of Flying CD. We couldn’t have made the record without you.


4 thoughts on “Friend/Fan Fundraising

    1. Thank you, Bill, that’s a real compliment considering you’ve been listening to my songs for 25 or so years, first from the point of view of our bass player. Always good to hear from you.

  1. Hello Jim and Sherry. I’ve been meaning to order this for too long. I think of you guys every time I stop at Niemergs. Hope to be home soon and see you guys in Austin. Look forward to hearing this new CD.

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