“Ray of Hope is a collection of 11 great songs that are provocative, wistful and heartfelt and funny in that Jim Patton way of making you feel like you’re sitting at the bar and having a beer together. “Finally Let You Go” and “Thornton Ave” just blow me away.”   Michael Fracasso

 “Patton & Brokus’ new all-acoustic CD puts the spotlight on Jim Patton’s lovingly crafted tales of working class heroes and losers, life’s simple pleasures and the longing for something more. We know the characters in these songs, and we’re pulling for them.” – Jeff Talmadge

 “Jim Patton’s voice is unique and as honest as they get.  There isn’t a trace of artifice – when he sings I believe every word he says.  His songs are tender without being sentimental, strong without overpowering and thoughtful without being too cerebral.  Sherry Brokus rides along with him with a natural sweetness that makes their partnership beautifully balanced and hard to resist.”   -Christine Albert

 “The lyrics take center stage in Patton & Brokus’ latest. It takes a life lived to write about the day to day and turn it into poetry.  They have grace, depth, and compassion and it’s all musically brought forth with brilliant instrumentation.” -Terri Hendrix

“This is a beguiling record… it inexorably drew me in.  Plain, simple, unadorned, unpretentious lyrics and singing that weave their tales of universal life, love and woe with the slyness of Hemingway and the convoluted depth of William Faulkner.”  -John Hammel, Homegrownradionj.com

 “…Charles Dickens for the 21st Century…” -Bob Mackenzie, Sound Bytes

  “…intelligent urban poetry…it’s the duo’s bedrock integrity that powers their music…” -John Conquest, Third Coast Music

 “the rare true rocker in a parking lot of other stuff…’ -Bruce Balmer

 “…the ability to connect with the disconnected…” -Joni Guhne, Baltimore Sun

 “…Edge City’s CDs are highlighted by Jim and Sherry’s gorgeous harmonies and Jim’s great lyrics; this is what contemporary folk music is all about.  The live show -as a trio- more than matches the recorded work.  We saw them several times over the years in Texas. then headlined them in our Austin Acadia Connection series in  northeastern Maine.  Great show with warmth, passion, audience involvement and great music…”      -Lee Haynes and Dee Karnofsky, Bar Harbor ME

  “Music for those of us who never joined up…”  -Karen Sykes-Blades, Annapolis Capital




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