About “Going the Distance”

1 Going The Distance (Patton-Talmadge)
2 That’s What I Do (Jim Patton)
3 Struggling (Patton-Brooks)
4 Words I Can’t Unsay (Patton-Talmadge)
5 Janey It’s Alright (Jim Patton)
6 Golden Boy (Jim Patton)
7 Brand New Love (Patton-Talmadge)
8 Facing The Lions (Jim Patton)
9 Gino (Jim Patton)
10 Austin Night (Jim Patton)
11 I’m Still A Dreaming Man (Patton-Talmadge-Brooks)

Jim Patton is represented by the Independent Alligator Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

Jeff Talmadge is represented by Totzien Music (BMI)

Steve Brooks is represented by Casa Del Frog Music (BMI)

Jim Patton: lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Sherry Brokus: harmonies

Bill Kirchen: lead Telecaster, tracks 4,7,10

BettySoo: harmonies

Warren Hood: fiddle

Rich Brotherton: acoustic guitars, cittern, mandolin, tracks 1,2,5,11

Ron Flynt: bass, piano, harmonium, acoustic guitar, background vocals, baritone guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, harpsichord, whurly, accordion, B3

John Bush: Gong Bops percussion

Eric Hisaw: lead guitar on “Struggling” track 3

produced by Ron Flynt

recorded by Ron Flynt at Jumping Dog Studio, Austin TX

mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering, Austin TX

Cover graphics by Matt Eskey

Cover photo: Sherry Brokus

Back Cover photo: Mike Volk

Inside photo: Ron Baker

sequenced by: Erik Balkey

spiritual adviser: R. Gene Munger

for Linda Morris, who went the distance

Jim & Sherry would like to thank: everyone who pre-ordered the CD, everyone who played on the record, played in the band, recorded us, promoted us, gave us airplay, loaned us money, bailed us out of jail (just kidding!), came to the shows, came to our online shows, listened to the songs, bought our records, put us up for the night, or otherwise helped us on our way. You are too numerous to mention individually, too important not to mention at all.