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Top 20 Most Played Songs on Jim and Sherry’s ITunes, IPods, IPhones, etc. 2014

1 The Starry Eyed The Belle Sounds
2 Rockingham Lane The Belle Sounds
3 Until You Were Gone John Fullbright
4 Company of Friends Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt
5 Never Cry Again John Fullbright
6 When We Were Young The Belle Sounds
7 100 Different Ways of Being Alone BettySoo
8 Early Days Paul McCartney
9 Just In Case K.C. Clifford
10 Get In Line Ron Sexsmith
11 Sleeping Dogs C. Daniel Boling
12 Little Aches and Pains Paul Kelly
13 Not Dark Yet Jimmy LaFave
14 White Light Gene Clark
15 Im On Your Side Paul Kelly
16 Highway to Hell Bruce Springsteen
17 Pacing the Cage Bruce Cockburn
18 If I Was a River Willie Nile
19 Sweet Marie Hangdog
20 Odds and Ends alt take 1 Bob Dylan & The Band

Your questions preemptively answered:

1. Why 20 songs?  Fits on one CD.

2. Are these the best 20 songs of 2014? Some of them aren’t even from 2014.  No, these are the 20 songs we played the most, which means they’re mostly our favorites. But “Sleeping Dogs” was on this list in 2012, though with a live version, and “Just in Case” is a repeat from 2012 just because we like it a lot, especially in this year we lost so many Austin friends. “Get in Line” is on for the second year in a row.

3. Where’s Christine Albert’s fine new album?  Didn’t get it until too late in the year to make an impact on this year’s rankings. Look for 2015.

4. How much music do you listen to in a year?  This year, over 7,000 individual songs. We listen less to CDs these days than IPod/ITunes where we dump everything and then edit out what we don’t like or want to hear anymore.

If you don’t have any of these incredible songs or CDs, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction. Obviously we can listen them over and over.

*one caveat: We don’t count CDs played (because there’s no easy way to do it) and we don’t listen to CDs themselves that much anyway). But if we had, Bettysoo’s Little Tiny Secrets, from several albums ago would have been at the top, all of the songs, because for about six months that’s all Sherry listened to in her car.


Highlights from The Third Coast Songwriter Showcase room at Folk Alliance in Toronto

Highlights from The Third Coast Songwriter Showcase room in Toronto

Every year, thanks to the sponsorship of the Hemet Valley Recovery Center in California and the patronage of our dear friend Freddie Wilson, we host a Hotel Showcase Room at the International Folk Alliance where we feature some of the best (if lesser known) songwriters in the world. We host 55 min. rounds and we encourage interplay and we encourage outside players, so we have some magic happen. There’s a community that has developed around our room that feels like family and the songs get better and better.

This year’s FA was in Toronto, where it was 17 while back home in Austin it was 77.

Favorite Round(s) with Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus as participants:

Tie: Because the rounds were so totally different there was no way to compare them.

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, Michael Fracasso, The Coal Porters

If  Sid Griffin of the Coal Porters has a dozen albums, then we probably own a dozen Sid Griffin albums, from the Long Ryders to his present ‘alt-bluegrass’ band, the Coal Porters. So we’re fans, and to have him and his incredible band on stage with us, much less playing behind us on our songs, was stunning and the room totally rocked.

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, Michael Fracasso, Bettysoo & Doug Cox

With Bettysoo and Doug, this was a set of quieter beauty, but just as powerful. The players on the stage feel like family to each other and it resonates through the room. Doug Cox elevates all of our songs with his expressive, intuitive dobro playing.

Notice a common theme to both rounds? Think we’re Michael Fracasso fans? His songwriting and performing is as good as it gets. See this page to see what we think about Michael.

Clockwise from l: Michael Fracasso, Bettysoo, Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus, Doug Cox photo by Tom Weber

Favorite Round We Weren’t In:

R.J. Cowdery, Karyn Oliver, and Melissa Greener w/David Glaser sitting in

Favorite Cover:

“Like a Hurricane” – the Coal Porters

Favorite new (to us) songs:

Bettysoo’s “Dream”

Grant Peeples’ “It’s Too Late To Live In Austin”

Dan Navarro’s new one (played with David Glaser), slow, sad, and powerful, played late at night when apparently the part of my brain that remembers titles had gone to sleep for the night.


Any song can be enhanced by a Doug Cox (dobro) or Carly Frey (fiddle, the Coal Porters) solo.

Best First Timer to FA:

Anthony Toner from Belfast, Ireland